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ECO Microwave Ablation System

New concept of minimally invasive treatment

Under The Guidance Of Imaging Techniques Such As CT, The Tumor Is Percutaneously Punctured With A Specialized Treatment Needle (Microwave Antenna Or Microwave “Knife Head”) To Implement Precise Treatment.
After Converting Physical Energy Into Thermal Energy, It Acts On Tumor Tissue To Achieve In Situ Inactivation. On The Basis Of Effectively Treating Tumors, The Normal Function Of Tissues Is Fully Protected, With Less Damage And Faster Recovery.



MAXIO® is an image-guided, physician controlled stereotactic accessory to a Computed Tomography (CT) system. MAXIO® is intended for the stereotactic spatial positioning and orientation of an end effector and instrument guide to assist in manual advancement of one or more instruments such as rigid straight needles and probes during CT guided percutaneous procedures on organs and anatomical structures in the thorax, abdomen and pelvis.


ROBIO® EX is a CT & PET-CT guided robotic positioning system that assists with fast and accurate tumor targeting and tool placement for abdominal and thoracic interventions, including biopsy, FNAC, pain management, drainage and tumor ablation