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Digital X-ray

Digital X-ray

Ceiling and Floor Mounted

Mindray DigiEye 680

Digital Radiography System – Ceiling Mounted

Radiography Made Easy

DigiEye 680 is a ceiling-mounted digital radiography system with a compact footprint.
The system offers a range of benefits to users. Its mechanical structure and workflow programming are
uniquely designed to improve operational efficiency, and the use of Mindray’s self-made components
helps to save costs. These advantages contribute to the system’s ability to deliver a fast, smooth, and
valuable examination and diagnostic experience.

Mindray DigiEye 280

Digital Radiography System – Floor Mounted

Radiography Made Easy

DigiEye 280 is a floor-mounted DR system powered by Mindray’s innovative technology. Portable flat detector designed to meet all your clinical requirements
Higher frequency generator, and durable tube ensure the quality of X-ray. High DQE of flat-panel detector makes better image quality while reducing the X-ray dose for clinical diagnosis

Mindray MobiEye 700

Digital Radiography System – Mobile

Insightful Innovation Revolutionary Redefinition

MobiEye 700 is the product of concentrated, unremitting effort and unparalleled technology from Mindray R&D team. With an advantageous, superior power system and intelligent mobility, the MobiEye 700 far surpasses other contemporary mobile digital radiology devices. It is a product of a new era.
Attention to the details is one of the most significant aspects Mindray focused on to ensure high-efficiency
workflow and consistently comfortable operation for technicians. A large amount of innovative and
humanized designs have made MobiEye 700 a reliable companion for radiology diagnostics in the future

uDR 266i | Comprehensive U-arm DR

Simplicity and Versatility.

uDR 266i  is a versatile U-arm X-ray system built with a wireless HD FPD and various smart operations, proving an efficient workflow to meet all-purpose clinical imaging needs.